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  • Início: 28/07/2014
  • Duração: 4 encontros
  • Dias: Segunda-Feira, Quarta-Feira
  • Horário: das 20h às 22h
  • Valor: 3x de R$193,33
  • Observações: As aulas serão ministradas em inglês.

Programa de Férias

A Guide to Shakespeare

com José Garcez Ghirardi The course presents four fundamental works by Shakespeare, the greatest English writer and one of the greatest of Western culture. As a poet and playwright, Shakespeare was inspired by the changes that were happening in the world around him and how they affected the men and women of his time. In this way, he brought light to the intricate relations of love, power and life that are part of human nature. In clear and accessible language, the classes recreate the cultural, political and spiritual context of Shakespeare’s works and suits both those who want to deepen their knowledge and those who want to establish a first contact with the author.

Obs.: As aulas serão ministradas em inglês.

José Garcez Ghirardi

Doutor em Literatura Inglesa pela USP, tradutor e professor da Direito GV/SP.
  • 1
    28/07 Midsummer Night's Dream

  • 2
    30/07 The Taming of the Shrew

  • 3
    04/08 Othello

  • 4
    06/08 King Lear

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